Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Trying buttons on Enken

Sitting on the floor at the button bar 'trying on' all kinds of buttons for Enken. It got down to two choices: white or green. In the flesh, the green is a lot more like the background colour. Won't tell you the out come. Just come to the show to find out! ;)

You also may notice I have changed the background colour from a grassy yellow green to a slightly darker, more emerald green. I feel this is working a lot better.


Monday, November 29, 2010

New Watercolour in Matching Frame

Sorry about the low quality photograph
This will be on sale at the Adelaide Central Gallery from the 10th of December, $230.00

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Our honours graduate show is less than two weeks away and I am running round like a headless chicken doing the dreaded misc. tasks. Today I completed a very important one. After collecting (possibly) all of one type of particular pre-made frames in Adelaide, I had to make a decision on their hanging devices.
Watercolour of Tom, includes sewing with gold thread

As my watercolours are around a standard photo size, I was lucky enough to find these gorgeous, subtle, ornate frames that work so well. Unfortunately, they didn't come with a D-hook or any kind of hook at the back - just an arm so they can be propped up.

Not having much experience with hooks, I put my logical hat on and went to Bunnings to see what I could find. In the Fraulein's Orchard show, the frames I used came with hooks that clipped onto the insert backing of the frame. I was hoping for those, but found this kind (above) instead. To be safe I used super glue and nails to attach these to the frames. I was worried they'd crack the plaster, but they worked really well! It took over 2 hours to get all my 50 watercolours (plus a couple of charcoal studies) ready for the gallery wall.

These will be sold at the show for $100.00 including framing. For more information about the Grad Show, please contact me.


Monday, November 22, 2010

Review on Fraulein's Orchard, June 2010

Just wanted to pass on the gorgeous review by Jana, writer for Hello Happy Thoughts and DesignMagazin, on our June show, Fraulein's Orchard from this year.. and it's a great blog! Very kind words said about my work:

Personally, my heart was stolen by Ruby Chew and her portraits as well as amazing heart illustrations. Casual precision, if that is how it can be called, fine variety of soft colours, unexpected details… it all just simply quickened my pulse. Chew uses oil paint, watercolour, ink, graphite and charcoal in her works, and finds inspiration in romanticism, the 1940’s era, anatomy and iconography.

Have a look for yourselves! Enjoy!
Ruby x

Monday, November 1, 2010

Studio Snaps and Progress shots of Tom (oils)

Watercolour Wall!

Studio Shots

Progress of Tom

My first large painting for the year, same proportions though. At this stage he is looking a bit odd - a floating head! But I have continued working and now that I have his shift plotted in there is a lot more context. More photos on their way!

Ruby x