Monday, September 15, 2014

SALA Open Studio

For the SALA Festival this year the Ann Newmarch Studios was open to the public over a weekend. This was a great opportunity to discuss our works and works in progress with members of the public and other artists. I've been a member of this studio since March, and share the space along side Fran Callen, Nicola Semmens, Cathy Brooks and Annie herself. We had the addition over the weekend of two jewellers - Jessie McCrossin (Jelly Beads Australia) and Christine Pyman.

During the day I worked on some ideas for my up coming body of work (TBA), painted away on a commission piece and added to the wall of my watercolour studies that were on sale. These studies are a great way to experiment and explore with ideas, compositions and imagery for larger works. They measure around 4 x 6 cm. I paint them with watercolour and/or inks plus physical embellishments such as glitter, gold leaf or embroidery.

Works snapped in progress
I'm donating a few to the Adelaide Central School of Art however many are still for sale. If interested in viewing or purchase, please email me.

Thank you to all those who came along. It was a great weekend. I particularly enjoyed meeting the young, budding artists such as these two ladies from Ross Smith High School who had heaps of excellent questions for me!    R x

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Our Port Workshop Sun 29 June

New Signage for the Renew the Port Workshop space!
Today I was teaching my last Thinking Outside the Square Mixed Media Workshop.
Some very interesting works were made, and some fantastic process making discoveries.
Keep an eye on the Our Port website for the next round of free workshops!
R x

Monday, June 23, 2014



Detail of my work Reflection (Mandala)
Oil and acrylic on canvas
122 x 91 cm

With my work at the opening of Gematria
Gematria – a mystic technique of manipulating letters to uncover hidden meanings in texts – is

an exhibition inspired by the 26 letters of the alphabet. The curatorial rationale is that 26 artists
have been assigned a letter of the alphabet and will create a work influenced by that letter. The
letter itself may be reflected in or inspire the work or merely be alluded to in the title: it’s up to
the artist. Each artist has written a 25-50 word statement or poem to be displayed alongside the
18 June 2014 - 11 July 2014, Adelaide Central Gallery
For sale inquiries, please contact Gallery Manager, Gloria Strzelecki on (08) 8299 7300.

May/June Catch Up

May/June Catch Up
Studio shot :: Palette in chaos. Not as organised as I like it to be, but I'm going with it!
Snap taken of me on Instagram (@rubychewart) as I work on my painting for Gematria.
Over the last few weeks I've been working hard in my studio in Prospect painting a new piece for Gematria - a group show at Adelaide Central Gallery. It opened Tuesday 17th and runs till mid July. I'll be posting some photos of the work and opening soon, stay tuned!
Courtney Rodger's assisting the kids in making a 3D, birds eye view farm scape.
I've also continued working with Pom Pom as an Arts Programmer, bringing in artists such as Courtney Rodgers and Rohan Fraser to work with children. These photos below were taken in mid May where we wrote a 'scapes' workshop theme together, challenging the children to work in 2D and 3D, creating a farm scape and city scape.

Rohan Fraser and the kids working together to paint and draw a 2D city landscape.
 Children are so inventive. I was blown away by their inclusions of Greek and Roman Gods looking over the city, flying tigers and a giant baby with a six pack of course. I'll be working with Pom Pom again in the future. I'm so grateful to be working in programs like these, assisting children make creative discoveries and watching them be so proud of their works. Awesome stuff.

Instagram happy snap at the Port

I've also been teaching painting and mixed media classes funded by the Renew the Port initiative. We've been working in a studio on the weekends on North Parade. Our Port is such a wonderful council supporting artists and encouraging people to be creative through work shops such as mine. Keep an eye on their website for more free workshops in the future!

Introduction to Figurative Oil Painting at the Port, paying homage to the beautiful Frida Kahlo
Introduction to Figurative Oil Painting at the Port
Introduction to Figurative Oil Painting at the Port
 I'm still teaching a class at the Burnside Painting Group - Painting Beyond the Photograph.
For any enquiries, please email me at
R x

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Mural Master Class with Kaffeine

Did a mural Masterclass on Sunday with Melbourne street Artist @kaffeinepaints Big thanks to @carclew for providing such a great opportunity, and Hawkers Street Cafe for the delicious lunch. Excited to see where this may lead... #art #artist #streetart #mural #design #adelaide #inspiration

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


My show ‘Array’ hanging in the @carclew ballroom during a board meeting for business and community leaders in the Arts! Shows open 9-5 Mon-Fri & closes Fri April 4. Carclew: 11 Jeffcott st. North Adelaide. Enquiries: 82675111 #art #adelaide #artwork #southaustralia #artist #painting #portrait #exhibition #worksforsale (at Carclew)

Monday, March 24, 2014

Array - Solo Exhibition at Carclew Youth Arts Ballroom, Adelaide

An exhibition showcasing a collection of works by Ruby Chew from the beginning of her career in 2010 till present.

Carclew Youth Arts Ballroom
11 Jeffcott Street North Adelaide, South Australia
Open Monday – Friday, 9 – 5 pm
Closes Friday 4th April
Closed for viewing on Thursday 27th March

For purchase or further enquiries call Carclew on 08 82675111

Above - Antoine, 2013, Oil, acrylic, thread, buttons and gems on canvas, 52 x 66 cm